Pandora P0240

Ultradense Mining Farm Solution


Pandora Miner

The Pandora P0240 miner, with a maximum hash rate of 240 TH/s and utilizing internal Nano-fluid cooling technology on mining chipsets without use of noisy fans is the complete solution for setting up ultra-dense mining farms. Pandora P0240 is rack-mountable in 43 cm width, 8.8 cm (2U) height, and 80 cm depth. Each 48U rack houses up to 24 Pandora P0240 miners, executing total hash rate of 5760 TH/s. It operates as a mining farm in a single 48U rack.

Pandora with competitive power consumption, low noise, high hash rate, Nano fluid cooling system and less required space compare to other miners is the best choice to launch a large-scale mining farm in minimum space.

Technical specification

Product ID PDMIM0240
Hash Rate 240 TH/s
Algorithm SHA-256, SHA-3 (Keccak)
Power Consumption 7000 W
Voltage 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Htz
Power Supply 3+1 Redundant 2500 W Portable Power Supplies with 7500 W Output Power
Internal Fan 4 cm Counter Rotation Fans × 10
Front Fan 8 cm Fans × 5
Dimensions (H×D×W) 88 mm (Rack Mount 2U)×800 mm×430 mm
Weight 35 Kilograms
Ports 2 USB and 1 LAN
Cooling System Nano Fluid Cooling System
Working Temperature Less than 65°C

Launching Mining Farm


Pandora P0240 has been designed and produced by Medis Holding with the aim of launching ultradense mining farms in lowest possible space with highest hash rate. Our solution is compressing and reducing power consumption along with unique Nano fluid cooling system and providing an integrated miner with 3+1 redundant power supplies and 240 TH/s hash rate. From dimensional point of view, Pandora is rack mount with 2U height and in a 48U rack 24 of P0240 can be mount. The Pandora rack provides 5760 TH/s hash rate in 60 cm width, 120 cm depth and 2.2 m height and by providing electricity from a gas generator is a universal solution for launching high efficiency mining farms.

In Pandora cooling system, the working fluid is an Ag-based Nano fluid to increase the rate of heat dissipation from chipsets and all noisy fans are replaced by silent and counter-rotation fans. Therefore, high hash rate, low power consumption, internal Nano fluid cooling system, low noise, redundant power supplies and rack-mountable features are the unique advantages of this miner.


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