The history of the “Multi-Engineering Disciplines Innovative Science” (MEDIS) is related to the establishment of the “Engineering Technologies” (ETec) Research Organization in 2001. ETec was pioneer in development of software and robotic prototypes. Based on that foundation, Medis was established in April 2016 with the aim of designing revolutionary technologies in computing and robotics. Medis has since incorporated talented, creative, experienced and motivated experts worldwide. Medis is quite passionate in developing enterprise-grade technology solutions focusing on Software Development, Semantic Robotics, Supercomputing Architecture, and Academia. The main goal of Medis is designing cutting edge technologies and next generation solutions to comfort human life.

Our Activities

We are interdisciplinary, We are all engineers who work hard to develop real solutions in different fields such as:

Software Development

Medis designs and produces ultra-scale software solutions for industry and home users. Digimenu, a global solution for introducing products and services is one of the very successful examples and top in the market. Alobodo is an all-in-one solution providing a medium for technicians and service providers to present themselves internationally.

Semantic Robotics

Medis focuses on replacing conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its successor, Semantic Intelligence (SI) and applies it on industrial and civil robotics solutions. The Humanoid robotics project has been designed and developed based on human anatomical structure including flexible and realistic joints, onboard personal supercomputer, and Semantic Intelligent decision-making algorithm.

Supercomputing Architecture

Medis produces state-of-the-art technologies in supercomputing design including heterogeneous architecture based on FPGA and GPGPU in addition to conventional CPUs. Ultra-dense supercomputing single racks with more than two petaflops of computing power satisfies computation and ICT infrastructural demands of any medium to large-scale companies.


Medis believes in foundations of engineering where ideas must be formed into practice. Actualizing theories into the reality is not served by industrial revolutions only; and indeed, academia is the way to shape such groundworks. The Medis University of Science and Technology (MUST) and the Saran College are two pioneering institutes aiming to achieve this goal internationally.



The full package of Digimenu includes a server and at least one client. The server can be in both types of physical and or virtual and the client can be in form of a mobile-phone application and/or a kiosk. Digimenu supports in-app payments, payment using bank ports, POS devices and also Medis credit cards. The Digimenu software running on cell phones and tablets allows customers to review, select and order products.


Alobodo system is a simple but professional tool that introduces service requests on-service’s sites or online. People can receive the services that they need immediately and save their time and money. Alobodo software with a unique and user-friendly design provides a suitable environment to introduce transportable businesses for everyone. Using Alobodo, anyone with their own expertise and profession can introduce their skills and attract customers. In other words, Alobodo is in a position to link the user with the professional service provider.


Abacus is an online accounting software that allows you to easily manage financial process of your business. Abacus allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, bills of materials and Work orders, income and expenses. It supports multi-currency and multi languages and provides different reports. Most importantly, Abacus helps you make better, more informed decisions and stay on top of your business.


Elimedi – The International Health-care Tourism System – allows you to search and review medical services around the world. The user can choose the proper tourism-therapeutic packages depending on the medical needs and tourism interests. Due to systematic control over services, Elimedi ensures quality of services and delivering the best medical plans.

Global Representatives

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Australia Sydney Saman Khajoui saman.khajoui
China Cuangzhou Kourosh Abolhosseini kourosh.abolhosseini
Iran Tehran Leila Rahnama leila.rahnama
India Dehli Ritika Chhabria ritika.chhabria
UAE Dubai Amir Ghaderi amir.ghaderi
Iraq Sulaymaniyyah Marwan Ghafour marwan.ghader
Turkey Ankara Majid Gomainy majid.gomainy
Cyprus Nicosia Kaan Sergil kaan.sergil
Germany Homburg Sofia Norouzi sofia.norouzi
UK Birmingham Svetlana Corcimari svetlana.corcimari
USA San Francisco Shahram Fakhraei shahram.fakhraei