Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.

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Medis is the result of the round-the-clock efforts of a professional and technology-oriented team. The Yeganeh Sahand Knowledge Engineers (Medis) was founded in 2001 by the ITEC research organization. The organization has been active in the fields of software development and preparation of robotic prototypes, and accordingly, Medis Holding in April 2016 with the aim of achieving an integrated and borderless world and creating a new transformation in lifestyle through the sciences of semantic intelligence, robotics, and non-homogeneous computing was established. Our vision is to discover unknown worlds, and in this direction, we use human sciences such as sociology and psychology in the design and development of ultra-advanced technologies regarding software and hardware, computing, and robotics. For more information about Medis projects and investing on them

For more information about Medis projects and investing on them

More than 20 Projects are Accomplished

We have been able to create more than 20 technology-oriented startups in the fields of software, hardware, informatics, and robotics. Some of the most important and profitable projects are ALOBODO, ELIMEDI, and PANDORA..

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Medis has created the Inojets platform to offer users, profitable projects for investment. In other words, you register on the Inojests website, choose the best among Medis projects and Startups, and finally, invest in them by buying a number of