Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.


Alobodo is a software solution, suitable for the provision of portable services. everyone who has a specific set of skills is encouraged to register ads, advertise, and attract customers through the app. The highly simplified structure and the unique user-friendly design of Alobodo allow the users to filter their searches based on professions, requirements, and skills as well as selecting a service provider according to distance, given price, rating, and received feedback. In addition, once received the services the users rate the provider in order to help fellow users with their choices.


Abadi is a unified real estate platform with the aim of providing all features online, smartly, and based on virtual reality. In this platform, it is possible to work offline and online and send ads to real estate networks and receive files from them. All the work that is normally done by a real estate agent can be done in this system. Also, Abadi uses an intelligent machine to match assignment files with applicant files and suggest the best solution to the customers. Medis real estate sector in the name of Abadi changes the old-style real estate businesses into a technology-based novel-style one by the means of innovative technology, asset management methods, virtual reality, and other technologies and methods.


Digimenu is a Multilanguage, multicurrency, and multi-calendar online system suitable for providing goods and services. Everybody can use this app to run their online shop. This system supports almost every job category like restaurants, shops, cafes, corporations, clinics, beauty shops, service centers, tourism centers, etc. In fact, it is the ultimate substitute for traditional printed menus and allows sellers and service providers to provide their customers and applicants with a detailed description of their products and services.


Elimedi, known as the health goddess, is a unified and international health tourism platform in all fields of health care and treatment. This platform contains 23 sub-applications that strive to provide effective and comfortable communication between patients, medical centers, physicians, and all healthcare providers in the simplest possible way. Furthermore, Elimedi is a multi-lingual and multi-role platform in order to meet all the medical needs of patients and services required by healthcare providers, in an integrated format considering geographical location, language, and culture. It is a comprehensive mobile medical app that has a giving score system and many other facilities and options..


Viroom is an online meeting platform customized by Medis Holding using BigBlueButton software. Viroom is a platform for holding classes and conferences. The importance of such platforms is not hidden from anyone, especially with the breaking out Coronavirus pandemic, this issue became more important. During the Covid period, when everyone had to telecommute and attend university classes online, platforms like Viroom played a significant role in speeding up doing stuff through online methods, which led to preventing excessive transmission of the virus. Viroom provides all the features that are needed for conferences, meetings, and online classrooms such as document upload, whiteboard, breakout rooms, video quality option, chat, screen share, hand rise, video record, share, and shared notes.