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Digitouch is an ITP, Interactive touch panels (ITP) are referred instruments designed for making easy access to information, establishing communications, instructing, and recreational purposes. This device is designed in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of application it can be used in restaurants, hotels, banks, commercial complexes, and gaming clubs in the shape of smart tables, kiosk, stand, and mirror. Digitouch has many features such as P.O.S, NFC, thermal printer connectivity, data presentation capability, spreading awareness about products and services, routing and navigating, viewing menus, installing and using applications, Internet browsing, and gaming.

Pandora Case & Rig

Pandora rack-mount compute cases are designed and built for mining by graphic cards, farming by a hard drive, or both. Pandora cases are designed in two models, S-series and U-series. The S-series comes with a specific design for better transportation which is expandable in length from 45 to 95 cm. Also, the whole parts are separated into a 50x50x10 cm package. Unlike the S-series, the U-series are not separatable in length and walls. The Pandora S Series Open-Air Chassis comes with a unique and ready-to-assemble design with the best quality of manufacturing. This chassis can assemble on each other vertically by extension parts especially to construct mining farms.

Pandora BTC Miner

The Pandora P0240 BTC miner, with a maximum hash rate of 240 TH/s and utilizing internal Nano-fluid cooling technology on mining chipsets without the use of noisy fans is the complete solution for setting up ultra-dense mining farms. Pandora P0240 is rack-mountable with 43 cm width, 8.8 cm (2U) height, and 80 cm depth. Each 48U rack houses up to 24 Pandora P0240 miners, executing a total hash rate of 5760 TH/s. It operates as a mining farm in a single 48U rack. Pandora with competitive power consumption, low noise, high hash rate, Nanofluid cooling system, and less required space compared to other miners is the best choice to launch a large-scale mining farm in minimum space.