The history of the “Multi-Engineering Disciplines Innovative Science” (MEDIS) is related to the establishment of the “Engineering Technologies” (ETec) Research Organization in 2001. ETec was pioneer in development of software and robotic prototypes. Based on that foundation, Medis was established in April 2016 with the aim of designing revolutionary technologies in computing and robotics. Medis has since incorporated talented, creative, experienced and motivated experts worldwide. Medis is quite passionate in developing enterprise-grade technology solutions focusing on Software Development, Semantic Robotics, Supercomputing Architecture, and Academia. The main goal of Medis is designing cutting edge technologies and next generation solutions to comfort human life.


Doris Bank

The new e-banking system of Doris is one of the most standard and secure international systems of banking affairs. Through providing IBAN and IIN international codes and multicurrency accounts, Bitcoin, Web Money, PayPal, Visa and Master Card accounts in addition to new banking infrastructures, Doris provides special features including unlimited real-time money transfer, procurement of NFC and transfer of money through communicational virtual environments such as Telegram Messenger.

Any Pay

As a subsidiary or a service provided by the Doris Bank system, AnyPay offers services such as providing payment gates allowing payment in a variety of currencies including the digital cryptocurrency of Dor, Dollars, Euros and Tomans, exchanging various currencies, sales of a variety of gift cards including Amazon and ITunes, and trade of Dor cryptocurrency.


The digital cryptocurrency of Dor is in fact the electronic version of printed money with the reason behind its development being providing higher security and eliminating the middlemen. A super advanced encryption method is used to transfer Dor on the internet, which cannot be traced or hacked with the current technologies. In the present digital era, this cryptocurrency is used for secure transfer of money from any point in the world to another in a fraction of a second. In addition, being built upon Block-Chain structure, having a 512bits encryption and being equipped with a mobile extraction engine allow the users to easily use the cryptocurrency of Dor without requiring advanced hardware.


Mind ERP

Mind ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution that integrates the entire activities and financial resources of various departments of an organization in a single software system. In fact, ERP is a commercial software package that aims for information integrity as well as establishing a sustainable flow of information between the entire financial, accounting, human resource, supply chain, and customer management sections of every organization. In other words, Mind ERP is an internal utility packing exclusive features such as being modular and standard as well as including a series of integrated, predesigned and pre-engineered plug-and-play modules adjustable and configurable conforming to every organization's most dynamic needs.


Digimenu is an online system suitable for provision of goods and services by the use of which everybody can run his online shop. This system, which fits roughly every job category including restaurants, shops, cafes, corporations, clinics, beauty shops, service centers, tourism centers and so on, is in fact the ultimate substitute for traditional printed menus, allowing the sellers and service providers to provide their customers and applicants with a detailed description of their products and services. One of the most important facilities of Digimenu is the Digimall structure, seamlessly gathering all stores and service providers on a website and on smart phones’ screens. Furthermore, among the advantages of Digimenu it can be referred to accessibility to full details and descriptions of products as well as corresponding category, materials and ingredients, price and images. Additionally, since this software supports various languages and currencies it can be used in different countries and in places where there are people speaking different languages.


As a comprehensive healthcare application aiming to propagate physical and mental health as well as self-improvement, Elimedi proposes a variety of facilities including online and telephone consultation services, healthcare store, health profile creation, guide on generic drugs and medicinal interactions, medical dictionary, mobile medical services, reservation and appointment system, and a system of introduction of healthcare centers. Elimedi is comprised of a total of 25 sub-applications among which it can be pointed to Jobino and Callino.


Alobodo is a software solution suitable for provision of mobile services by the use of which everyone with his or her specific set of skills will be able to register ads, advertise, and attract customers. The highly simplified structure and the unique user-friendly design of Alobodo allow the users to filter their searches based on professions, requirements, and skills as well as selecting a service provider according to distance, given price, rating and received feedbacks. In addition, once received the services the users rate the provider in order to help fellow users with their choices.


Wand is a software allowing users, even those who can't read and write to operate the functions of cell-phones without needing to read or type texts. In other words, with wand, users can operate their cell-phones simply through visual communication; this application presents a variety of advantages including a responsive and illustrative interface, allowing for adding contacts, making phone calls, making emergency calls, taking snapshots and recording videos and sounds, playing music, and setting medication alarms. Nevertheless, wand allows children and elder people to easily operate smart phones.



The importance of issues such as reduction of human error in control and monitoring of structures’ security and safety systems on the one hand, and the increased necessity of optimizing structures’ energy consumption as an aftermath of removal of energy subsidies have caused the BMS systems to become an inseparable part of every building. In fact the main difference between a smart and a normal structure is that in smart structures most of the appliances are interconnected and controlled by a central computer. The Unital BMS is a thoroughly modular system capable of supporting over 500 thousand devices in the form of 256 independent boards each covering 128 sixteen-channel module cards, each of which support relays, dimmers, and various switches with capacities between 10 to 16 amperes. In addition to being modular, this system can be substituted for monitoring systems while supporting a variety of sensors including anti-thefts, contact sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors as well.


Pandora is a single board PC commercially available in two different types depending on the OS you wish to run. The Android OS type benefits from a 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex-A17 CPU equipped with two gigabytes of LPDDR3 RAM expandable up to four gigabytes, and a Mali-T764 graphics processor. On the other hand, the Windows OS type is equipped with a 1.8 GHz quad-core Intel processor along with 2 gigabytes of LPDDR3 Ram expandable up to 4 gigabytes, and an Intel HD graphics processor. The mutual features between the commercially available types mentioned above include 10 Watts stereo speakers and a 60 Watts internal UPS. Pandora can also be installed on racks, connected to P.O.S devices, thermal printers, and NFC. In addition, among the connectivity ports of this product it can be pointed to USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth, LAN and HDMI.


Interactive devices are referred to as instruments designed for making easy access to information, establishing communications, instructing and for recreational purposes. These devices are usually designed in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of application. The most useful types of these devices include smart tables, stands and kiosks each of which are suitable for use in different places. For example, digital tables are generally suitable for use in restaurants, educational centers and corporations where they can be used for viewing menus, selecting and ordering foods and or products, presentations and so on; while smart stands are more suitable for terminals, airports and exhibitions for navigation, field guidance, public notification regarding departure times, news broadcasting, showing advertisements, displaying weather conditions and or presenting different places. Digitouch Touch Screen interactive devices including the smart table, kiosk, stand and mirror are available in different screen sizes from 10 to 80 inches with various qualities up to 4k pack several interesting features namely as P.O.S, NFC and thermal printer connectivity, data presentation capability, spreading awareness about products and services, routing, navigating, viewing menus, internet browsing and gaming as well.


Medis designs and develops various hardware products that fall into a variety of categories. One of these categories encapsulates professional audio and video appliances commercially available under the brand name of Echoshot. Echoshot products currently include IoT enabled Hi-Fi home theater, professional crossover board, and audio streamer commercially available as Juke Box.



Estella is a humanoid robot fully corresponding to human body’s anatomy, designed and built by Medis. Development of this robot is inspired from the anatomy, muscle types and movement types of human body and therefore its entire motor organs and joints including the spinal cord, hands, legs and neck are designed in a way that not only the angels are conformed to, but also the robot is enabled to move along different directions. Stella’s spinal cord is designed conforming to the S shape of human body’s and is comprised of four vertebras each of which is a parallel robot simulating 3 degrees of freedom covering the entire movements of the robot. Furthermore, Stella’s neck also has a structure similar to the vertebras of the spinal cord and cover the entire three degrees of freedom available for human neck, allowing the head to move in curved directions. Similarly, the arm and the forearm of Stella have been built corresponding to human body’s anatomy and cover the entire 7 degrees of freedom available for human arm and forearm while being able to simulate movements including depression, abduction, adduction, flexion, and lateral and medial rotation. Stella’s hand is a product of the YOUBIONIC Company, but has been down-scaled to provide more delicacy. Nevertheless, the robot’s wrist is able to simulate movements such as flexion, extension, radial deviation and ulnar deviation. In addition, the legs of Stella are designed in a way that the entire movements of the lower limbs of human body can be simulated similar to the way the movements of shoulder are reproduced. Ultimately it can be referred to Stella’s face which is built upon four motors that enable it to simulate the entire mimics of human face.


Titan is a gadget that transmits alarms to infirm individuals about their body conditions and motor symptoms. By being placed on any part of the body, this device can be used by physicians, individuals, and experts for reading information such as heart beat rate, temperature as well as position, speed and acceleration of motor organs of the body. In addition, this gadget is equipped with a motion detector and vital sign alarm system as well. Considering its ability to process, store and transfer the data produced by Gyro-Accelerometer and Magnetometer sensors, Titan is quite effective in training proper sport movements, lifestyles, and motor skills. The ability to connect multiple titans, provides the users with the ability to create sensory and motor networks which can be beneficial in terms of production of 3d animations.


The Greta desktop 3D printer is a stand-alone IoT enabled computer device encapsulating the entire prototyping facilities including laser engraving, laser scanning, and 3D printing in one package. This triple axis, dual nozzle printer is equipped with multiple stepper drivers capable of micro-stepping, for smooth printing operation while also supporting various filament types including PLA, ABS, Nylon, HPIS, PVA and flexible filaments as well. It prints 40x40x40 models and features a protected mode to prevent infliction of damages on the device under faulty commands. The other features of the Greta 3D printer include full-touch display and being IoT enabled, which allows the device to be controlled over the Internet.


The Dorado Winding Machine is a device that produces inductors. In the process of producing an inductor, wire diameter, wires’ order and winding precision are of significant importance. Compared to its similar counterparts, the Robo 123 winding machine is not only in smaller dimensions, but is also more efficient and allows for producing Inductors with diameters up to 8 centimeters. However, the most obvious advantage of this product over its counterparts is arbitrary mh and wire AWG inputs as well as automatic winding calculations. Among the other features of this product it can be pointed to its network connection support as well as its ability to calculate the amount of required wire along with suitable wire length and diameter with respect to the coil’s induction capacity.



E-Tech, which is currently in charge of design and development of software, hardware, robotic and food and pharmaceutical products of Medis, was initially a research organization with activities in the fields of development of software and robotic prototypes, founded in 2001. Among the most important achievements of E-Tech it can be referred to claiming the first place in IEEE ROMAN 2006, METU 2007 and IJRCS 2009 global contests as well as designing and developing Squaremail Persian webmail and Daemon controller for Fedora’s kernel..


Among the activity fields of Medis it can be referred to commerce which includes services such as trading, imports and exports of allowable goods, clearance of goods from domestic and foreign customs, international transportation and participation in conferences and exhibitions as well. In order to provide the mentioned services effectively and efficiently, Ravis has been established by Medis which covers any commercial operation in the shortest times and best possible ways.


Today’s world, is the world of competition and economy is one of the most significant contexts of this competition. Firms, organizations, and factories which are the major players of this era, require accurate and reliable financial information as the basis of their commercial and strategic decisions. However, since access to such information wouldn’t be feasible without a team of expert accountants and financial experts, Medis has established the financial institute of Radin in attempt to underscore the most basic needs of businesses. Radin is comprised of experienced and skilled accounting and auditing experts while following the ultimate goal of implementing and improving the quality of accounting and taxing information systems.


The new conditions governing the commercial and social interactions of the current ultra-industrial world have created unprecedented legal requirements for persons, institutes, corporations, and organizations. In an attempt to flatten these emerging requirements, Medis has established Vandad Legal institute which benefits from skilled attorneys and undertakes activities in a variety of fields including preparing various national and international contracts, providing registration services, intellectual property, international corporate affairs, and immigration affairs as well.


According to researches, not only in Iran but also even in most advanced industrial countries a major problem of educational systems lies in inability of graduates in entering the labor market. This problem is generally sourced in the type of taught materials and therefore Medis is determined to propose a new method of education aiming at interlinking industry and academy. This new method of education not only resolves the mentioned problem, but also results in a more desirable efficiency in the world of commerce and labor market. Among the measures taken by Medis to the former end, it can be pointed to establishment of Saran academy which currently includes the Saran vocational training center and Saran University of Science and Technology.


Advertising resembles a vehicle that accelerates the movement of products and services from production phase to consumption and nowadays it is considered as one of the most effective components on success of every business. On this basis, Medis has committed itself to establish the advertising institute of Pixel through employing a highly experienced and expert team. The institute of Pixel that is founded on state of the art advertising and marketing knowledge provides services including advertising consultation, branding, visual identity development, brand book development, logo designing, website development, management of social networks and setting up and managing online and offline advertising campaigns.


Noyan is an organization that has roots in the high-held incentive and goal of helping other humans, and is focused on providing education possibility at national and international levels in the fields of granting educational subsidies, granting scholarships and providing startup supports as well. Noyan is a private, non-political, and non-governmental charity organization and these features are and will be inseparable from its overall policy while any actions in contrast to these features will be avoided. Furthermore, it is worthy of mentioning that Ravis Charity relies on the incomes generated from scientific and technological activities of Medis Holding.


Global Representatives