Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.


Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd. is an innovative and pioneering civilian-private company founded in 2017 to conduct extensive education research in health and academic publishing. As a part of its cutting-edge research and development initiatives, the company aspires to advance the frontiers of medical science and disseminate knowledge. The team of highly skilled and experienced professionals at Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd. is committed to exploring new medical research and publishing avenues to improve health and well-being worldwide. Due to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, it has earned a reputation as one of the leading companies in medical research and publishing, and it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and dynamic area.


Elimedi, known as the health goddess, is a unified and international health tourism platform in all fields of health care and treatment. This platform contains 23 sub-applications that strive to provide effective and comfortable communication between patients, medical centers, physicians, and all healthcare providers in the simplest possible way. Furthermore, Elimedi is a multi-lingual and multi-role platform in order to meet all the medical needs of patients and services required by healthcare providers, in an integrated format considering geographical location, language, and culture. It is a comprehensive mobile medical app that has a giving score system and many other facilities and options.


Vitocean is a sugar-free real vitamin drink provides a suitable dose of vitamins needed by the body for daily consumption to the consumer. Vitocean has become the only real vitamin drink with the capability of keeping the vitamin powder separated from the water until consumption, thanks to its cap.


Painverse is a tele-medicine project with the aim of performing examination and consult remotely from all over the world; It means that the doctor can be located in another geographical area and the patient can be examined in another geographical area. In this system, physician, two robots and patient communicate directly with each other. Painverse system contain two robots: Patient/clinic side robot for assessment and consulting in place of the doctor which is named Vira and Doctor side robot to control the Vira under the operation of doctor which is named Hira.