Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.


Medis Authentication Core or, precisely MAC is an infrastructure software service for integrating all users of applications like google authentication. In this infrastructure platform, the user can log in to all the applications using this service by registering only once. The most important feature of this service is the use of the latest and best authentication methods that prevent the hacking of user information and the developer’s source codes. MAC features are, using the most reliable authentication service (Identity Server 4), using open authentication (OAuth 2.0), and using the single sign-on system (OpenID Connect).


Medis Interconnect Gateway or, precisely MIG is an infrastructure software service with the goal of providing unified push notification, chat, and message services in all applications. The prominent features of MIG include high speed in sending information, automatic routing for sending SMS, providing an in-app chat service, and the possibility of sending API.


Medis Online Monetary or precisely, Mom is an infrastructure software service for integrating transactions and money transfers in different applications with only registering once in a bank. This is an infrastructure tool for businesses' websites that need financial transactions. The Mom’s features are, the ability to transfer money without restrictions, purchasing by NFC, payment using gift cards, providing a payment portal with the ability to pay fiat and crypto-based currencies, offered as multi-currency, multi-language, multi-era, multi-role and multi-them.


Aria offers Cloud services like, Cloud Accounting, providing the possibility of authenticating and verifying the access you need, there is no need to pay exorbitant fees to buy accounting software, and it also provides the required reports from users. Furthermore, you can benefit from Cloud Storage to save files in the Persis cloud without restrictions and guarantee the security of your information, this service will ensure that your information is stored in complete security and you will not have to delete information or hackers. Media Stream is another service that uses for playing stream files (audio, video, and live broadcast) as a group, which increases the quality of the media stream compared to the traditional Single Point stream mode and enables live broadcast without delay.