Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.


Estella is a humanoid robot fully corresponding to the human body’s anatomy, designed and built by Medis. The development of this robot is inspired by the anatomy, muscle types, and movement types of human body, therefore its entire motor organs and joints including the spinal cord, hands, face, and neck are designed in a way that not only the angles are conformed to, but also the robot is enabled to move along different directions.

  • Estella’s spinal cord

    is designed to conform to the S shape of human body and is comprised of four vertebras each of which is a parallel robot simulating 3 degrees of freedom covering the entire movements of the robot.

  • Estella’s hand

    includes 11 Servo motors and the robot’s wrist is able to simulate movements such as flexion, extension, radial deviation, and Ulnar deviation.

  • Estella’s neck

    has a structure similar to the vertebras of the spinal cord and covers the entire three degrees of freedom available for human neck, allowing the head to move in curved directions.

  • Estella’s legs

    are designed in a way that the entire movements of the lower limbs of human body can be simulated similar to the way the movements of the shoulders are reproduced.

  • Estella’s arm and the forearm

    have been built corresponding to human body’s anatomy and cover the entire seven degrees of freedom available for human arm and forearm.

  • Estella’s face

    Estella’s face is built upon thirty-five motors that enable it to simulate the entire mimics of a human face


Painverse is a tele-medicine project with the aim of performing examination and consult remotely from all over the world; It means that the doctor can be located in another geographical area and the patient can be examined in another geographical area. In this system, physician, two robots and patient communicate directly with each other. Painverse system contain two robots: Patient/clinic side robot for assessment and consulting in place of the doctor which is named Vira and Doctor side robot to control the Vira under the operation of doctor which is named Hira.


The Greta desktop 3D printer and scanner is a stand-alone IoT-enabled computer device encapsulating the entire prototyping facility’s laser scanning and 3D printing in one package. This triple-axis, dual nozzle printer is equipped with multiple stepper drivers capable of micro-stepping, for smooth printing operation while also supporting various filament types including PLA, ABS, Nylon, HPIS, PVA and flexible filaments as well. It prints 40x40x40 models and features a protected mode to prevent the infliction of damages on the device under faulty commands. The other features of the Greta 3D printer include a full-touch display and being IoT enabled, which allows the device to be controlled over the Internet.