Medis is an integrated Tech-Studio that pioneers the development of innovative and technological solutions in the fields of Software, Hardware, Informatics, and Robotics.

Doris Bank

Doris Bank is a neobank that provides many users all around the world with financial and online banking services based on Blockchain. 24/7 customer service and the possibility of transactions with cryptocurrency are advantages of Doris bank. Modern banking or neobank is a start-up bank that is categorized as virtual banking. In this bank, no paper forms or letters of commitment, or memorandum of understanding need to be signed by users. Accessing a computer or a mobile phone and connecting to the internet would be enough to become a neobank customer. Doris is a neobank that provides many tasks and activities in the financial and banking fields and provides users with the best services, up-to-date features, and 24-hour support.

Dor Cryptocurrency

In order to provide more security and eliminate middlemen, Doris has offered Dor digital currency. In order to transfer Dor cryptocurrency over the internet, very advanced encryption is used, which is unbackable and untraceable according to current technology. In the digital age, Dor currency is used for the security of communication, information, and money transfer from any part of the world to another point, in a fraction of a second. The blockchain structure and 512-bit encryption along with the mobile mining engine allow all users to use it comfortably without the need for advanced hardware. It is worth mentioning that the consensus algorithm is designed as a combination of proof of work and proof of stake.


Inojets is Medis Holding’s crowdfunding platform. Startups are actually businesses that grow rapidly, become profitable, and attract a large number of users and customers. Inojets, is the platform for attracting investors to startups and provides investment services with the lowest risk. Furthermore, Medis has been able to create more than 20 technology-oriented startups in the fields of software, hardware, informatics, and robotics. Some of the most important and profitable projects are Alobodo, Elimedi, and Pandora which are recommended to be considered for investment.